Home of the Brave Quilt Project

Honor them by remembering...Freedom is their gift to us

   This nationwide effort to show our support for the families of service men and women was established in 2004 by Don Beld, nationally recognized quilter and historian of Redlands, California.  Just as the quilters in early American history were dedicated in their heartfelt efforts to support the soldiers, we are working to show our gratitude for their service and sacrifice to providing these commemorative "Home of the Brave" quilts for the family of each serviceman or woman killed in Operation Enduring Freedom (Afghanistan), an Operation Iraqi Freedom.  For more information about this program please visit Oregon Home of the Brave Quilt Project.

    On the local level, a group of students at Robert Frost School here in Silverton created one of these quilts as part of an "Interest Group" project.  These students learned to sew and at the same time created this beautiful quilt for a fallen hero...(Quilt was presented to soldier's mother.)

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