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Project Robin's Hope Quilts
Check back and see us reach our goal of
110 Quilts!

    As I've mentioned, I have been diagnosed with a very rare form
of cancer (stage 4) in my lungs.  One of my last wishes is that when my daughter and her unit deploy overseas this year, that each
member can take with them a handmade
  quilt to remind them of the love and support of home. 


  We have reached our goal of 110 committed quilts and I was able
  to present them yesterday at their Deployment Ceremony.  If
  you would like to view a short slideshow of this event, click:
   Deployment Ceremony

  If you would like to see all of the quilts, click
  on: slideshow...

  For those airmen receiving one of these quilts, if you would like to      send a "Thank You" to the quilter, I've provided a list of their           names and most of their email addresses: 

Quilter's Email Addresses

   If the quilter does not have an email address, you can send your
   note to me at, and I will see that they get
   your message...